Awards Received by The Legacy of Madame LaLaurie

Being honored or rewarded for your hard work is a true blessing. I would like to thank the following websites for acknowledging me for "The LaLaurie Legacy" at Denise's Dreams. Although I did not write the story, it is of historical significance and I wanted to share it with those around the world who aren't familiar with New Orleans and it's cultural history. The story continues more than 150 years beyond it's beginning and may endure for many generations to come. Thank you for spending your time sharing it with me here and if you enjoyed the story....please pass it along to your friends.

Many Thanks! ~ Denise

Received October 5, 2005 ~ Thank You Widow Splatter!
Horrorfying Content Award
Note: Site No Longer Exists - No Link Associated
Most Horrible Award
Note: Site No Longer Exists - No Link Associated
Greetings Denise,
Your site definitly deserves the awards you requested. Wonderful layout, easy to navigate and extremely interesting content. Find attached the Most Horrible and Horrifying Content Awards.

The Widow Splatter
Received October 6, 2005 ~ Thank You Baya at Macabre Manor!
Webmarkable Award from Macabre Manor 2005

Hello Denise,

I had a chance to view and enjoy your story on the LaLaurie Mansion. It's
wonderful to read history and discover things that happened long ago.
I am sending you a special award for remarkable website reading.:)
Halloween is very near so there will be many who will like your story as
much as I did.

Scare ya later!

Received October 9th, 2005 ~ Wow Delilah, Thanks from the Bottom of My Heart!
Ghostly Gold from Delilah
Note: Site No Longer Exists - No Link Associated
Sinfully Sexy from Delilah
Note: Site No Longer Exists - No Link Associated


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